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You found it.   This is a site for learning about hacking and computer security, cyberwarfare, information technology and how it impacts the world around us.  It is a place to explore, to learn, to understand and to yearn for more.  Come looking for answers, but leave asking questions.  

The name XAKEPHET is the combination of the Russian word xakep (hacker) and het (nyet, or ‘no’).  It is a combination to imply thwarting cyber intruders, but not the true “hacker” mentality.  The hacker credo is insatiable curiosity to learn about how things work, whether its elegant assembly language or gene splicing, addressable NAND flash or the dismal mysteries of economics.  Curiosity is the antidote to boredom.

Boredom is the enslavement of the mind.  It preys on the uneducated, the uninformed, the uninvolved. It’s prison is the rut, the beaten path that goes predictably no where in particular.  A rut may seem comfortable, but it is but a shallow grave. 

Take my hand and climb out of your rut.  Welcome to Xakephet.


Welcome to XAKEPHET

"Every new technology creates a new set of problems equal and opposite to the set of old problems the new technology solved." - Belka’s First Law of Security