Who is Belka?


Belka is my on-line handle.  It was a code name given to me during my intelligence career by the targets of my interests.  At least that is what my colleagues told me.  Whether that was true or a way to poke fun at a junior officer,  I liked it and appropriated it.   When I moved from the Cold War to the hacker underground, it became my nom-de-guerre.  You will find my handle emblazoned on the back of the official Defcon 12 T-shirt along with my quote which served as the official motto for that year’s convention.

What is DEFCON?

DEFCON is an annual hacker convention in Las Vegas every summer.  It was conceived by The Dark Tangent who also created the Black Hat Conferences.  I have been going annually for over almost 15 years, going back to DEFCON SIX.  It is a good place to understand computer security, hacking, and the culture of curiosity that goes along with it. 

As a German speaker, I have also attend and have been a speaker at the Chaos Computer Congress in Germany.  I also recommend ٢٦٠٠ magazine, to which I am a lifetime subscriber.

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